A breath (or 10) of fresh air

New Zealand.
South Island.
October 2nd – 13th 2014. 

_M5A0324_M5A0311_M5A0121_M5A0279_M5A0185    _M5A0222_M5A0163_M5A0095_M5A0200_M5A0132_M5A0073_M5A0135_M5A1726_M5A1712_M5A1659_M5A1529_M5A1676_M5A1510_M5A1500_M5A1449_M5A1431_M5A1425_M5A1373_M5A1348_M5A1351_M5A1341_M5A1315_M5A1305_M5A1260_M5A1249    _M5A1193_M5A1234_M5A1121_M5A1169    _M5A1126_M5A1108_M5A1051    _M5A1039
_M5A1038_M5A1023    _M5A0919
_M5A1004_M5A1001_M5A0977_M5A0934_M5A0915_M5A0889_M5A0877_M5A0855_M5A0825_M5A0784_M5A0774_M5A0763    _M5A0711
_M5A0699_M5A0671_M5A0607^Andrew is responsible for this beautiful photo! His eye for landscapes has very quickly surpassed my own.

_M5A0571_M5A0543_M5A0535_M5A0506    _M5A0440

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Nude shades and a famous face…

April 1

A while ago I shot the lovely April. These images are from very early in her career – she has gone on to become one of the 2013 finalists in Australia’s Next Top Model, and I couldn’t be happier for her!

Styling: Alicia Coleman
Makeup: Alex Ouston
Hair: Conor Dwyer
Photography & retouch: Shaelah













Absence and return.

I haven’t been present for almost a year on this blog… that is so depressing!

I did have a good reason to be away — I got engaged, then married 🙂

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Vietnam, so here is a rare travel post from me.
Shots taken mostly by myself, some are by Andrew, with a point and shoot, then posted in instagram.

Please forgive the obvious quality issues 🙂




Photos are from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An and Saigon. I was really unwell (still am) so we didn’t see everything we wanted to… we will be back!

I can’t believe I forgot to post these!

I still really love these images. Great team. Great results.

Model: Myra @ Vivs
Hair/Makeup: Tracie Weaver @ ARC creative
Styling: Alicia Coleman
Photos/post: myself! 


I never could decide between colour or black and white for this one……. 

I know that’s ridiculously dorky of me but I just can’t help myself!












And just because I can’t get over how good this girl’s face is with nothing done to it but a Curve, here it is again….