(The link for the video below)

Director: Skye Thompson
D.O.P.: Jason Hargreaves
Talent: Vicky Kordatou
Hair: Felicity Skelman
M.U.A: Rhianon Ellis
Stylist: Abi Fincham
Frocks: Daniel Mcilwraith

I was asked by a friend of mine to come to Daniel Mcilwraith’s collection shoot – he had decided to make a fashion film instead of doing the typical photographic shoot, but he needed behind the scenes and good fashion shots in addition to the film.

Daniel is fantastic; it helps when the designer is so much fun and so very talented! I have no doubt he’s going to go farrr… and I want his dress so bad!

It was a very interesting experience for me because for the most part, I was not directing the model, and at the time I wasn’t aware of the intended storyline;  I was photographing over the shoulder of the film crew, catching the good angles when I could. Strange as it was, I enjoyed myself and it was extremely valuable experience; I’m so happy with the photos and they served Daniel very well 😀


4 thoughts on ““dome”

  1. Such a cool idea very effective in showing off the fabric and love the shots you got too especially since you weren’t even controlling the shoot you got some amazing pics. You are going far! Love looking at all your new stuff.


  2. Chih-Han: I would love to do a film fashion shoot…but I’m better off just organising everything and letting my sis do all the filming, seeing as that is what she’s doing with her life ;P

    Jay: I know I’m so happy considering I wasn’t directing; I sort of just made up my own little story 😀 Aw thanks hun! I’m trying to get to the point where this is actually my job that I get paid to do hehehe how is all of your work going??

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