Lookbook: Irena


Model: Cat
Hair: Elana Mullaly
MUA: Cheyenne Sarfati
Wardrobe: irena.
Thanks to: Luke (you’re a champ it was great to finally meet  you and Elana!) and Callie (I would have collapsed with hunger if it wasn’t for that trip to IGA in peak hour, the lasagne was actually ok!)

I’m not going to put any more of these shots up because they’re for irena.’s lookbook, but I sent her this and she put it up on facebook so it’s ok for me to put it up here 😀 I’m really happy with these shots, they have quite an interesting mood….

I figured out why I like this image so much – the title of irena’s collection is Sex and Landscapes.

I think this translates that idea pretty well!


5 thoughts on “Lookbook: Irena

  1. Thank you for the comment miss 🙂 This is an incredibly nice photo also! Good luck with the Sportsgirl comp. Hope uni is going well. Are you finishing B Des this year? Folios folios folios! Agh!

  2. My pleasure! Thank you 🙂 Ahha the sportsgirl comp LOL I’m not stylist – I can’t wait for Abi’s entry to go up, it’s much better than mine. No I’m not finishing this year, I only started this year, I finish end of next year. You’re finishing though aren’t you? How is your porfolio coming along? xo

  3. Oh wow! Does she have a website? I posted the ones I saw on facebook a while back and could only source the group because I didn’t know her wed address?


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