Featured: Oriwa Editorial


“Like Batman & Robin, Bert & Ernie, Ginger Rogers & Fred astaire,
sometimes the best things come in pairs. So let me properly introduce to you Abi Fincham & Shaela Ariotti.
Not to say they work as a set collective, but I’ve found having perused a large scale of thier works,
my favourite peices of thiers have usually taken place through a collaboration with eachother.
Let the talent speak for itself!

Styling: Abi Fincham
Photography: Shaelah Ariotti

For more of Shaelah’s beautiful photos hit up her new blog- moments

Also if your an Australian resident,both Abi & Shaelah are finalists in the sportsgirl superstylist competition
so head over to the sportsgirl website, check it out and don’t be shy, leave a comment!”

Picture 1



Thanks so much Oriwa, I’m honoured and touched at your kind words!

Please check out her blog everybody, it’s full of advice, random thoughts and fashiony goodness!


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