you’ve got to be kidding.

So, I entered a competition/exhibition in Gladstone a little while ago, and on my recent trip back, I checked it out…

A lot of it was utter crap, there were a couple of pieces I actually really liked, and some that would have been deserving of a prize.

But the shock I felt when I found the winning piece…. Winner of $10,000 might I add…

was this.

It’s about 80cm wide, unevenly constructed out of red and pink (which look gross in real life; the photo doesn’t do it justice) sheets of anodised aluminium.

Its title is ‘Vessel.’

It was so nondescript I actually walked right past it the first time round the gallery, and had trouble locating it even when I was searching 😛

I think in the back of my mind I had actually written it off as some kind of odd serving plate that was left behind.

Oh, but it gets better.

Have a guess how much the artist is charging… (this made me laugh)

$21, 120, the second most expensive piece in the exhibition….

Now, before this gets written off as sour grapes, here is a piece I actually thought deserved attention…

I can’t remember the artist’s name, Louise I think, and it was called ‘slip.’

The photo really doesn’t do it justice – it’s made of tissue paper folded/sewn many times, with minute writing in what appears to be sound waves. A lot of work was obviously put into it. The light plays off the different squares of the paper – it was the first thing I noticed when I entered the room, it was both an empty frame and a full frame. Stopped and made me think.

This, on the other hand, made me think for an entirely different reason…

The one down the bottom won a prize of some sort.

They also hung my work incorrectly – I entered two pieces separately yet they were hung together, as one piece – and thus made no sense.

I hate it when my work is misrepresented, even if it is in a country gallery.


4 thoughts on “you’ve got to be kidding.

  1. I hear you, 90% of advertising on TV has me despairing in a similar way…by the way, I love the stuff your putting on here, I’ve said it before but you’ve got skills

    1. Ahhaha yeah ads are terrible…. but is it sad that I like the schweppervesence ad so much it nearly makes me cry?? Every time…?

      Aww thanks! I like that you like my work, it means a lot 🙂

  2. Welcome to the world of the photographic and arts prizes. So often the choice of winning entry is impossible to reconcile. I’ve seen it countless times in awards given. It is so subjective but even knowing that it can be impossible to understand why some work is chosen while others isn’t recognised. Sometimes I think it’s political, other times I think people just don’t appreciate quality. It’s something you’re going to come across a lot more, though in the art world. Sorry.

    1. I know it happens all the time, I have seen it a lot, but this example so completely took the cake it was hilarious. Laugh so you don’t cry at the terrible standards, and all that.

      Strangely enough this cynical blog entry exists because I choose to expect more from art exhibitions & competitions, because I choose not to settle for cynicism.

      I think this award was simply – an art gallery in a country town wants to appear up with the modern stuff to city galleries, thus awards the major prize to the most incomprehensible piece in the whole show.

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