356. Best Childhood.

I had the best childhood. I didn’t watch TV until probably early high school…? And even then not very often. Many people have said I missed out but I think the opposite. I grew up reading books, I could read and write before I began preschool, thanks to my parents creating the perfect environment for me. I lived in a world of my own creation, I needed no television or gameboy to entertain me. I could entertain myself playing in a tree, or riding my bike, or pushing an empty washing trolley round the yard in my dad’s thongs.

If/when I have children, I want their imaginations to soar, not be stunted by being filled with so much junk. I want them to imagine the world the way they want it to be full of magic and excitement because the only chance you have to have that is in childhood. Sometimes I miss being a kid.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think TV is this evil thing that should be thrown out of society – I’ve been known to thoroughly enjoy watching a good show, and when I’m editing I play movies and TV shows constantly on my other computer to make the time pass quickly. But as an adult my ability to discern right and wrong and understand the content is considerably more advanced than it was when I was 3. All I’m saying is I’m glad I didn’t watch TV when I was a child, and I want that world free of outside influence for my kids. (Not that I have any or am likely to have any for a long long time.)

Just thinking out loud.


2 thoughts on “356. Best Childhood.

  1. Wow! Thanks for writing this. I have a young son, who up to this point doesn’t see much TV. I don’t want him veging out in front of it with that horrible glazed look on his face that everyone seems to get! But sometimes it is too easy to just turn it on and leave it on, even if you’re not actually watching it! Sometimes I need to be reminded that life is sooooo much better without it – thanks for reminding me!

    1. Thank you for your comment! It’s wonderful for me to be able to share something and find out that it’s had a positive impact on a someone’s life, your son is a lucky boy even if he doesn’t know it right now 🙂 He’ll thank you for it later!

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