355. Sorry.

For all the old photos. I’m waiting for my last semester to start so the C-41 processing is up and running and I can put some of those photos up!

Hair: Suzi Alexander – she won QLD Wella apprentice of the year with these images.

MUA: I’m not sure but I think Nici Colosimo?

Models: Cass, Lara & Liz

Also more finished Abbie pics.


3 thoughts on “355. Sorry.

  1. Hey Shaelah,

    Firstly, this blog is sick. The second photo rocks.

    Just have a question about the second photo – is it lit with a beauty dish camera right and softbox for fill camera left – looks to be similar power.

    I’ve been disecting photos a lot lately – learning more and more about lighting and it’s helpful to hear how it was done. No problems if you can’t remember, wicked shot anyway!


    1. lol took me a second to realise you meant sick as a compliment haha

      thanks heaps… they’re all lit the same way and I honestly can’t remember exactly but you’re probably right, softbox & beauty dish. I do remember I was shooting down a narrow corridor and had a lot of trouble getting it so the lights weren’t actually in the image, and the background they supplied was far too small so most of the background in all the photos is created. I wanted to put a hair light in but there physically wasn’t room in the hallway.

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