354. Sneaky preview + congratulations!

A sneak peek at my most recent shoot, shot for Nomiki Glynatsis Couture at La Dolce Vita, model is Marni @ Dally’s, not sure who did hair/mu (don’t know her name…) Such a good shoot. Did all with natural light, and a reflector when needed, loved every second. I’m SO happy with the outcomes.

These are not the final product, and there are far more images included in the lookbook.

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Nomiki who got some very good news today… the reason we shot the lookbook came through, she achieved what it was intended for and she’s over the moon! I love it when something I have been involved in (that has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish) succeeds, I am just so glad I did the job they needed and wanted, and so happy for them! Seriously, keep an eye on her. She is a very talented lady and she is going places!


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