338. 337. 336. Well I missed 3 days…

But for a good reason, I’ve been totally knocked out with the flu / a cold / something nasty. Having trouble sleeping at night because my throat gets really dry and scratchy and then I cough and wake up again. Sigh. But if today is any indicator I’m feeling a tiny bit better… so hopefully… I’ll be back working hard on portfolio and images very soon…

In other news, Pip who runs http://www.theloop.com.au featured me in the people gallery, you can see it here: http://www.theloop.com.au/app/people/home I’m also the most viewed profile at the moment, yay! 😀

And I was featured for the second time by fashion served: http://www.fashionserved.com/Gallery/Stamford-Plaza-High-Tea-LS-Stylist/579095 the previous time was for felix & slink.

Hehe this always makes me laugh…. The mannequin isn’t photoshopped in, we attached it to Rose’s body, and I’ve photoshopped out the straps keeping it on etc..

Wow I edited a LOT of photos from this shoot….

I do like what I’ve done in process though…


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