So I’ve been away for a while and a lot has happened.

I took some pretty photos for a magazine, tears of which I will put up as soon as it’s in print 🙂

I didn’t sleep properly for weeks while preparing my folio, the result of which is that now that it’s finished I can’t seem to STOP sleeping.

I handed in said folio, it was marked, and a ridiculous debacle has ensued. As one of MANY things to go wrong, a person in charge did not think it essential to specify to the supposed ‘industry markers’ (that’s another long story) that an actual mark and feedback was necessary, thus I have no idea where I stand and am a bit lost as to whether / how / where I should be applying for jobs. Thanks uni. I hope you realise the real outcome is that you shot yourself in the foot, big time. 100 unhappy graduates?… Uhh maybe… that was a bad move…

So… I am jobless and (as I get cut off from the government on 20th November) possibly homeless very soon 😛

I’ll put the content of my folio up here. Sometime soon. When I come to terms with all this / it’s all sorted out and such.

In the meantime, here is a photo (photo credit belongs to Steph, I believe?) taken at our exhibition. That’s mine in the top right corner the two people are looking at.

The one they have open is my design folio, the one underneath that’s closed is photography. Yeeeah I made 2. They don’t look very impressive from here, but I assure you, they are both very…. um.. fat…


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