looking for work.

So uni is complete. There are still issues that need to be sorted out, but either way I’m 99% sure I’m graduating… which leads to the looking for work. Ah. Yes. That.

I feel like I should be WAY more excited than I am… mostly I’m just tired and nervous and… thinking that it all just hasn’t sunk in properly yet…

I had my first interview in years today, it was just for a retail job… but the fact that I actually got the interview took enough stress off my mind for me to actually sit back, relax and watch a movie when I got home!

It was The Secret Life of Bees. I read the book first, then saw the film… which made me bawl. Let me just say, Queen Latifah can do a really convincing heart-wrenching cry, coz I do not often cry in movies.

Anyway. Sometime very soon all my portfolio will be on my website, and it will be all nicely updated and such… in the mean time here is a pattern from one of my projects:










It really looks so much better big and printed 🙂


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