I said goodbye to my sis yesterday morning… en route to paris/nice/cannes where her film is showing… so excited for her and SO jealous…

Waiting for my flight….

Virgin Blue is now Virgin Australia?? Old was WAY better… new branding is flat and boring… and I actually had trouble finding their terminal/gate/check in… Although I love their new uniforms, so very stylish!

My friend was a bit keen on this french toast… from Affogato…  both boys pulling the same face… haha 

Speaking of Affogato, the coffee sucked, but the food was great, homecooked style goodness, every bit totally yummy, and the plates were fun – miss matching op shop numbers. Staff were friendly 🙂

Like a total nerd, taking pictures in the bathroom hahaha

More bathroom…

Wanted this place to be open so bad. The interior looked amazing…

ridiculous creature at the nobody jeans store chapel street that fell asleep on andrew’s arm while he was waiting


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