Healthy Seafood on Chapel Street… delicious…

Amazingly cool store!

Sold super cool stuff… something I wish I’d bought is a game that has dice with words for a haiku on it… you make haiku when the dice fall from the words showing…

Hardware Societe..

Caboose, first morning….

late night coffee at café biscotti, drawing on the table, great company = 🙂

Von Haus… service was a little odd… they seemed almost surprised that we came into their store…? But the interior was amazing, one of the oldest buildings in Melbourne I believe… and the food was delicious. I had avocado and goats cheese on sour dough and it was amazing… and $8 🙂

Birdy defying building rules hehe

Imagine being a dentist and having stained glass windows…

Cactus Garden

De Clieu.. Nice, clean design and styling, friendly staff, decent coffee….

^^ outside Third Drawer Down..

Speed Racer… working game at the bottom of Lost and Found Market… Andrew = kid in candy store…

Quite large pencil.. from Third Drawer Down..

And waiting to go into Tutankhamen exhibition… Melbourne Museum.

I love that hipstamatic is instant, and I don’t have to carry a massive camera around, and even if the photo is in low light it looks ok… but I so HATE the grungy borders! Yuck.


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