A breath (or 10) of fresh air

New Zealand.
South Island.
October 2nd – 13th 2014. 

_M5A0324_M5A0311_M5A0121_M5A0279_M5A0185    _M5A0222_M5A0163_M5A0095_M5A0200_M5A0132_M5A0073_M5A0135_M5A1726_M5A1712_M5A1659_M5A1529_M5A1676_M5A1510_M5A1500_M5A1449_M5A1431_M5A1425_M5A1373_M5A1348_M5A1351_M5A1341_M5A1315_M5A1305_M5A1260_M5A1249    _M5A1193_M5A1234_M5A1121_M5A1169    _M5A1126_M5A1108_M5A1051    _M5A1039
_M5A1038_M5A1023    _M5A0919
_M5A1004_M5A1001_M5A0977_M5A0934_M5A0915_M5A0889_M5A0877_M5A0855_M5A0825_M5A0784_M5A0774_M5A0763    _M5A0711
_M5A0699_M5A0671_M5A0607^Andrew is responsible for this beautiful photo! His eye for landscapes has very quickly surpassed my own.

_M5A0571_M5A0543_M5A0535_M5A0506    _M5A0440

All images are protected by copyright. 
Do not use without permission.
For usage, please contact Shaelah directly.


2 thoughts on “A breath (or 10) of fresh air

  1. Hi Shaelah, wonderful pictures. I am planning to go to New Zealand in 2 month’s time and also thinking of renting an RV to drive from Auckland to Christchurch and visit Milford Sound and maybe do one or two tramps, but was wondering what photography gear you guys used when there to take your landscape shots, and whether you recommended the RV experience over the bus pass and camping experience ?

    Also any tips you have from your experiences there will be appreciated, I will be heading to central america after therefore in conflict as weather to bring a sleeping bag etc.

    Thanks Sam

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you! I couldn’t really speak about a bus pass camping experience but I definitely recommend the campervan & DOC campsites. The initial outlay seemed like a lot, but once we got there we saved so much money with campsites, (they ranged from $5-$12/night) preparing our own food, and not having to additionally hire transport. (Just remember to budget for fuel and the right TYPE of fuel – petrol or diesel). You’re out there in nature but a bit protected from the elements, more so than in a tent – probably not enough protection for us on some nights where it was below 0 degrees and the vans are not really insulated that well! (We bought up on merino wool garments after the first night.) I would be prepared for cold weather – you won’t be there in the dead of winter, but we were there in October and it was still snowing in some areas.

      Be prepared for Milford Sound to maybe be closed – it was when we tried to go unfortunately 😦

      Photography gear was largely a 5D mIII with a 70-200mm lens. I also had a 35mm prime that I used a bit, but most of the time it was the telephoto. I had no computers etc. just made sure I had heaps of cards. I can’t remember if I took my tripod or not but we didn’t use it.

      I can’t wait to go back to be honest; I highly recommend the experience!

      Oh and if possible, I would hire a newer rather than older van – fuel economy is likely to be better, and they’re less likely to break down. The fixtures are also nicer.

      Oooh and have proper waterproof hiking boots!!! (And clothing. And a rainproof jacket.)

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