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I had the pleasure of shooting Nomiki Glynatsis couture jewellery collection for her recently… Insane amazing designs and workmanship, I literally gasped when she lifted them out of their tissue paper!

Team: Hair/Makeup Cathy Mason

Model: Casey @ Viviens

Jewellery by Nomiki Glynatsis Couture…

❤  ❤

Further info and the lookbook at:

nomiki glynatsis couture


looking for work.

So uni is complete. There are still issues that need to be sorted out, but either way I’m 99% sure I’m graduating… which leads to the looking for work. Ah. Yes. That.

I feel like I should be WAY more excited than I am… mostly I’m just tired and nervous and… thinking that it all just hasn’t sunk in properly yet…

I had my first interview in years today, it was just for a retail job… but the fact that I actually got the interview took enough stress off my mind for me to actually sit back, relax and watch a movie when I got home!

It was The Secret Life of Bees. I read the book first, then saw the film… which made me bawl. Let me just say, Queen Latifah can do a really convincing heart-wrenching cry, coz I do not often cry in movies.

Anyway. Sometime very soon all my portfolio will be on my website, and it will be all nicely updated and such… in the mean time here is a pattern from one of my projects:










It really looks so much better big and printed 🙂


So I’ve been away for a while and a lot has happened.

I took some pretty photos for a magazine, tears of which I will put up as soon as it’s in print 🙂

I didn’t sleep properly for weeks while preparing my folio, the result of which is that now that it’s finished I can’t seem to STOP sleeping.

I handed in said folio, it was marked, and a ridiculous debacle has ensued. As one of MANY things to go wrong, a person in charge did not think it essential to specify to the supposed ‘industry markers’ (that’s another long story) that an actual mark and feedback was necessary, thus I have no idea where I stand and am a bit lost as to whether / how / where I should be applying for jobs. Thanks uni. I hope you realise the real outcome is that you shot yourself in the foot, big time. 100 unhappy graduates?… Uhh maybe… that was a bad move…

So… I am jobless and (as I get cut off from the government on 20th November) possibly homeless very soon 😛

I’ll put the content of my folio up here. Sometime soon. When I come to terms with all this / it’s all sorted out and such.

In the meantime, here is a photo (photo credit belongs to Steph, I believe?) taken at our exhibition. That’s mine in the top right corner the two people are looking at.

The one they have open is my design folio, the one underneath that’s closed is photography. Yeeeah I made 2. They don’t look very impressive from here, but I assure you, they are both very…. um.. fat…

328: This is for tomorrow…

As like the rest of my class I’m going to be frantically preparing a preliminary portfolio, and I have SO much work to do…

Here is a much better quality version of Uma that I posted a while back, I scanned her at uni today. She was just a sketch but someone liked her so much they want a print so… she gets a bit more attention that I thought she would get!

Drawn from reference, original photograph by Craig McDean for the cover of the 2008 September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. They did this really cool layout thing with the butterfly motif in the spread as well, I wish high end magazines did that sort of experimental layout thing more often… Wishful thinking I suppose!