Nude shades and a famous face…

April 1

A while ago I shot the lovely April. These images are from very early in her career – she has gone on to become one of the 2013 finalists in Australia’s Next Top Model, and I couldn’t be happier for her!

Styling: Alicia Coleman
Makeup: Alex Ouston
Hair: Conor Dwyer
Photography & retouch: Shaelah













Barbie: a refresher.

This is BARBIE, a somewhat experimental shoot.


Model: Lizze @ Viviens

Hair and Makeup: Tracie Weaver

Styling: Alicia Coleman

Styling Assistant: Claire Moran

Photography & Post: Myself


Bohemian Rhapsody! Culture magazine


Please click to view the images at a larger size.

Get yourself a copy of the latest issue of Culture, not just because my work is in it, but because there are many many pretty and inspiring pictures, and things to read about and stuff. It’s a good magazine. And the people who run it are lovely!

Here are the images featured in print (and I promise, yes they are prettier on paper. There’s just something so nice about looking at pictures and reading off paper instead of a screen!) 

And the rest of the images that are up online:
And tomorrow I will post some more of the outtakes 🙂 Much love to the team
Model: Emma @ Viviens
Hair/MUA: Tracie Weaver @ ARC
Styling: Kate Stein 
Garment construction: Kate Stein
Headpieces: Kate Stein & Tracie Weaver 
Videography: Hannah Ariotti & Chris Schoenmaker

Lost & Found: Peppermint Magazine :)

Current Peppermint magazine!

Photography | Post: Shaelah Ariotti

Garment Design | Construction & Styling: Abi Fincham

Hair | Makeup | Headpiece Design & Construction: Lauren McCowan

Makeup Assistant: Georgia Stimpson

Models: Sam George-Allen | Kirsten @ Viviens | Chelsea @ Viviens | Isabeau @ Viviens


Romance of the Flowers








































































I had the pleasure of shooting Nomiki Glynatsis couture jewellery collection for her recently… Insane amazing designs and workmanship, I literally gasped when she lifted them out of their tissue paper!

Team: Hair/Makeup Cathy Mason

Model: Casey @ Viviens

Jewellery by Nomiki Glynatsis Couture…

❤  ❤

Further info and the lookbook at:

nomiki glynatsis couture