Viviens selection for Myra Maxwell
Hair/Makeup: Tracie Weaver
Styling: Alicia Coleman


testing 1. 2.

So I’ve been absent for a while! That would be thanks to me now doing tests..

I absolutely love it. Here are some images that have only had colour changed in them – other than that they are straight out of the camera.

Featuring Casey, Brooke and Zoe from Viviens
Hair and Makeup by Tracie Weaver & Sue McLaurin
Styling: Alicia Coleman









away awhile.

I can’t WAIT to do shoots for the fun of it. And spend time playing around with post work. And take my time getting the photos ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

This is from an old shoot.

Styling: LS Stylist
Model: Sam Cannon @ Viviens
Hair/MUA: Tracie Weaver

I apologise for my lack of presence here. I am this close to being finished uni forever which unfortunately means endless sleepless nights, way more caffeine than is good for me (and more than I have ever in my life consumed) and piles of really bad food. I’m pretty much a wreck but the end is nigh!!!!

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side.

P.S. if you’re a model, makeup artist, hair stylist or clothing stylist and you’d be interested in collaboration, email me your ideas! 🙂


I feel awful.

Allnighter for an altogether terrible assignment that I just couldn’t beat.

So behind the scenes shot from disposable camera.