shift : featured in EN VIE magazine

This shoot was featured in EN VIE magazine.

See it in full below.

Hair & Makeup: Alex Ouston

Styling: Alicia Coleman

Model: Keely @ Viviens



Bohemian Rhapsody: Outtakes

Those that didn’t make it into Culture Magazine but that I love anyway 🙂


Hair/Makeup: Tracie Weaver @ ARC
Styling: Kate Stein
Model: Emma @ Viviens
Photography/post: Shaelah Ariotti


As always, click to view the image at a larger size.

Bohemian Rhapsody! Culture magazine


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Get yourself a copy of the latest issue of Culture, not just because my work is in it, but because there are many many pretty and inspiring pictures, and things to read about and stuff. It’s a good magazine. And the people who run it are lovely!

Here are the images featured in print (and I promise, yes they are prettier on paper. There’s just something so nice about looking at pictures and reading off paper instead of a screen!) 

And the rest of the images that are up online:
And tomorrow I will post some more of the outtakes 🙂 Much love to the team
Model: Emma @ Viviens
Hair/MUA: Tracie Weaver @ ARC
Styling: Kate Stein 
Garment construction: Kate Stein
Headpieces: Kate Stein & Tracie Weaver 
Videography: Hannah Ariotti & Chris Schoenmaker

Exciting things are happening round here…

1. I am going to be shooting pretty regularly for a company that I am extremely excited to be working with! More on that soon… and there will be many new photos (obviously) as well! If you are an MUA, hair stylist, or fashion stylist please contact me if you’re interested in becoming involved 🙂

2. I finally have a casual job, for the first time in a year and a half. I am ridiculously excited about it. I have had so much trouble gaining employment because I was not available enough, and too old for most places to consider me. Now that I have no more uni (woo!) I have crossed one of those problems off the list! Now to sort out Christmas presents…. hm…

3. I am still trying to sort out the issues with marking at my uni but I think (maybe) we might be making headway.

4. I did surprisingly well in my last semester of uni, and am going to graduate on 17th December 2010!

5. I’m 99% sure I’m going to be showing my work at the Creative Drinks Christmas Party on Thursday 16th December at Bleeding Heart Gallery, here is the facebook event link you should all buy tickets and come along!
I’m very excited and nervous at the same time! I’m working around the tentative theme of ‘In Between.’
If you could pick an image or series of images of mine to show, which ones would they be?

6. I have a test shoot with a very beautiful model coming up, I’m so looking forward to it!

7.  I went to Stradbroke Island for a friend’s birthday. It was my first time and I fell in love.




















That’s about all I can think of for now; I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten but it will have to wait for another day! 🙂


338. 337. 336. Well I missed 3 days…

But for a good reason, I’ve been totally knocked out with the flu / a cold / something nasty. Having trouble sleeping at night because my throat gets really dry and scratchy and then I cough and wake up again. Sigh. But if today is any indicator I’m feeling a tiny bit better… so hopefully… I’ll be back working hard on portfolio and images very soon…

In other news, Pip who runs featured me in the people gallery, you can see it here: I’m also the most viewed profile at the moment, yay! 😀

And I was featured for the second time by fashion served: the previous time was for felix & slink.

Hehe this always makes me laugh…. The mannequin isn’t photoshopped in, we attached it to Rose’s body, and I’ve photoshopped out the straps keeping it on etc..

Wow I edited a LOT of photos from this shoot….

I do like what I’ve done in process though…

361. never made it.

Probably my favourite spread I shot for Varsity magazine, back in 2008, right before I left for China. It’s my favourite because I think it actually hit the mark it was supposed to – whether you personally (or I personally) actually like that mark or fit in that market, I think the photos are spot on.

And I like the colour treatment I did to the images. Hehe 🙂

Models: Kate Burr @ Dally’s & Blayke @ Vivien’s
MUA/Hair: Amanda Thorpe
Stylist: Abi Fincham
Stylist’s assistant: Alex Martin
Location: Limes Hotel
Magazine layout design: Jess Currier